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Wow for the first time ever I'm really looking forward to college. I am finally at the point where I would prefer to skip this senior year and either travel Europe or go to college. So anyways I just returned from D.C. It is probably the most amazing city ever. If I could go to school anywhere it would be D.C. Needless to say I went on a grand college search over the past few days. Wednesday we stopped in College Park Maryland on our way to D.C. They have such a beautiful campus. And I'm totally for the outdoor pool which most students like to loung around and tan. They have some really interesting journalism programs ad such which is a def. plus. It was a really nice school overall. Then Thursday we went to GWU which is officially my top school. I was somewhat amused by the fact that I ran into Nick at the tour there. Then my tour guide was really funny. She was extremely excited by the fact that I went to PHS and some of her closest friends there are from PHS and CR. Aside from that though the tour was great. I love the idea that I can study abroad, do an internship while still getting credits at the same time. I also like the idea that I can choose a dorm floor according to my interests. Yeah... basically that school rocks. After the tour and such we got free tickets to see Crossfire. It was really fun and interesting. The topic was on Hollywood's involvement in the politcal campaigns etc. Good stuff. Finally we went shoping in Georgetown which I had been waiting to do all day. With $100 burning a hole in my pocket, as soon as we entered Sephora and Urban Outfitters I was like a kid in a candy store! I bought that lip venom stuff but I guess my mom and I are ammune to it...grrr. Then I got three items from Urban. good stuff. The next day waas American blegh ( that's about all I can say there)...
yesterday we headed home and I hung out with Ana and Jess last night. That was entertaining considering I literally haven't seen either of them in months so it was ncie to chat and such. We basically walked aorund the mall for an hour after hitting up B&N. Well I better go b/c there is a chance I have a trombone sectional today but I'm not sure. ( I kind of lost my schedule AKA my other computer broke and for some weird reason my saved mail didn't transfer onto this computer so grr.) Anyways peace! If ya wanna hang out hit up my cell! XO Jenn
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