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As I informed my mom last night I no longer have a life outside of band and school starting today. Yup so it was the first official day of band camp. I must say I really enjoyed that tennis ball game; I love wasting time. Actually since I left and came back the day went by alot quicker. Anyways that doctor was utterly incompetent. He was telling me how he could inject this needle into my wrist but if it hit my artery then he would have to move the needle a round etc. Um yeah when pigs can fly am I going to let that man stick a needle in my wrist/ operate. That brings me to my next thign the only thing he said that we are going to listen to him about is that I need to see a surgeon. But we kinda figured that out on our own too. So on monday I have to miss band yet again. It really isn't my fault that these doctors don't have anyother time. But I'm going to this hand specialist/ plastic surgeon to see what he thinks. This really isn't as fun as everyone thinks, some people were like, " You're so lucky you get to miss band." I'd rather not have to worry about getting possible surgery and march instead. Anyways my wrist is kinda sore ( considering that doc was like bending it till I was in pain) plus I'm going out so I gg ttyl! peace! XO Jenn

PS I really like Bygott
PPS... well nevermind ask & I'll tell you.
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