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So I'll start from the very beginning! So last Saturday we all went out after the Neshaminy game to the pub. It was just an all around good night, neshaminy kids are so amusing. Jill, Ana, I all ended up sitting with Mike and his friends. We had some good conversations. Then as Olivia & me were leaving we saw a drunk guy taking a pee next to these completely exposed bushes. Good stuff I think his response was a slurred "sorry ladiess..."Actually it was highly entertaining at 2 in the morning. Sunday was also awesome it kind of sucked though that minigolf went by so fast but I loved talking to Mike for like 3 hours @ starbucks. He is such an amazingly cool guy. Monday school was school but no band made my day! Fun times with a walmart & wawa extravaganza! Tuesday & Wednesday were pretty usual. Thursday we didn't have band rehearsal due to the Bush Ralley so I ended up going to the mall with Jill. I was completely entertained by the fact that the whole B&B Works staff knows her. That place was heavenly!After that we stopped over @ the footcourt for our usual McFlurry addiction. We met up with Ana & Carly so we went down to the Disney store to try on little kid costumes! AMAZING! CArly & Jill were trying on these PowerRanger costumes in the mall bathrooms and finally Carly decided upon an amazing Buzz Lightyear costume. It completely and utterly beats out my Minnie Mouse costume. So Friday after the amazingly awesome parade and lunch ( which consisted of like 5 deserts lol) I went to see the Grudge with Mike, Melissa, Tim & sort of Sam & her Mike. That movie was awful! That movie totally created a racial prejeduce for me against little Japanese boys. Honestly though it was so much fun sitting there with Mike trying to figure out the plot.

Saturday: Band Band Band. Sleep.

Sunday: Let's jsut elave it as amazing and call it a day! All I have to say about that is " I-turn-da-keys." That ngiht was one of the best ever! Lying is so much better than explaining the truth!

PS I seriously hope certain people don't open up their big mouths and ruin things for some of us....

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