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Bonjour! wow I haven't spoke french in a while, if that counts. Anyways Thanksgiving was yesterday and I have never not wanted to give thanks so much in my life. So it started like any other typcal Thanksgiving with my alarm going off @ freakin' 3 in the morning! That's right i had to go to the ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade! Actually it was the last time I will EVER have to do that again so it was quite liberating. So we got to the city around 6 to sit on the buses for another hour. The only good thing i found about waking up that early was Mike's message he left me; that made my morning. Good times minus the fact that the stupid freshman kept turning on the radio when we were all trying to sleep.Then a good hour and a half before we had to step off we got off the buses to "warm up" That worked out oh so well. Then as we were waiting in parade formation Mike. V. started throwing up. It was ridiculous though b/c both Bygott and a chaperone were walking by as he was puking and totally ignored it. It was severely obvious too so I finally was like Bygott! Um Mike's kind of sick... good times. Then whent he parade finally started it wasn't like previous years of start and stop, start and stop, we actually marched and played non stop up until we got close to the tv area. It went by fairly fast but it was extremely tiring. My arm was ready to fall off by the time we got  to the buses. 

By the time I got home Thanksgiving had turned into its usual blur of sleeping and eating. I slept until my parents called me for dinner, I ate then I watched some of the Christmas Story before I fell asleep again.Then I woke up for desert lol watched Will & grace then went to sleep again and didn't wake up until 1 this afternoon. I love sleep

Today after waking up @ 1 I went to work cleaning. I cleaned for a good portion of the day but it wasn't that bad. & Now here I am bored out of my mind writing in this stupid journal! So happy belated thanksgiving folks Im out! XO Jenn

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