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My Zone of Serealism
20 entries back

Date:2004-07-22 19:27
Mood: drained

O sigh well summer is coming to a close and the mere thought of its end not only frustrates me but laves me with a impression embedded into my face ( from of course a slap from reality) and what does it tell me...shit. Yes I have accomplished nothing this summer: I have yet to complete my AP American assignment or even begin it, The semi tan that I developed from random beach excursions is fading and the sunburns I planned not to devleop I have and scarred me literally for life. The only thing that I somewhat did was loose weigh and that was only due to the fact that I got sick and couldn't eat anything for 3 days. Yes, indeed I have acomplished nothing.
All I have done this summer is work and work is work. I have barely seen any of my friends, with a few minute exceptions, and my last real chance of being carefree was anything but. Not to sound nostalgic or anything but I really miss the summer of 9th grade; I miss all the day trips to the beach, the pool parties, and all the randomness. It really is depressing.
Aside from all this "fun stuff" I guess I'll just talk about the past few days: Work, work, work. I worked on monday and tuesday then yesterday was quite hectic. After work I jetted home showered then drove to Philly. I was instructing my mom on how to get there of course she decided I was wrong and ended up getting us lost in Philly. Luckily we found our way. My lesson was then interupted by Rich introducin me to random peole. I was somewhat fun. Of course I got to see Alex and Rb which was interesting considering I had not seen either of them since the last day of school. Of course Rob was exactly the same he stopped the elevator while we were in it, scaring the crap out of me. After my lesson I spotted three strapping u-arts people being chased by a bum with a can. We then headed home but yet again my mom choose "the road less travelled by" and got lost. Lucky for us we yet again miraciously found our way. I quickly picked some stuff up at my house then headed to Jersey to pick some stuff up. I then returned home for .2 seconds grabbed my trombone again and ended the night with a dose of 11 trombones. The sectional was interesting Tim Delany was a philosophe of the trombone coming up with hundreds of weird phrases such as " dry pancakes, pound it like my grandma's meatloaf, 6" trombone etc." As enjoyable as it was our section this year lacks orginality and character, badly.
Today wasn't any better after work I came home, showered, then headed out for a driving lesson. I am seriously pumped for my test I am going to rape parallel parking. Once again i stopped by my house dropped some stuff off then went to the doctor. I was the informed I need to stay out of the sun. (Not like I'm tan or anything but I have alot of skin damage...awesome.) And so ends another perfect day.
I really think such an entry should be summed up with a song so here...

I don't know if you'll forgive me
For being so blind
To how you felt
Don't ask me why I couldn't see it
It might take me years to figure out
And that's not something I know much about
But there's only one way to find out
Yeah, yeah, yeah
What I know is that I've hurt you, oh
What I know is that I suck
And what I know is that I'm sorry
What I know is that I'm a loser, yeah
What I know is I screwed up
And then I never earned your trust
And what I know is that everything I touch just turns to dust
XO Jenn

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Date:2004-07-20 18:38
Mood: jubilant

hey Party people...wow I should never say that I sounds really stupid. AnywaysI don't know when the last time I gave an update was but I'm assuming it was some week last time so I'll just start from the last time I can remember(sort of) which was friday. So it was Degrassi night (now that i think about it I may have already written this but tough luck) Degrassi was alright, not so much into the Ashley drama more into the Craig and Manny stuff but no luck. Speaking of which I read this article in the NY Timestalking about Degrassi and how it was wrong not to show the abortion episode so ha! in your face. But honestly it's not like the topic is all hush hush it is an important issue of our time. I mean if I was pregnant with craig's baby well I don't knwo what i would do but discussing abortion on degrassi is a good idea. If they can show two guys kissing they can talk about abortion.That's the way I see it anyways. Moving on...Saturday was the first day i actually got to sleep in, I was so excited...but I woke up early grrr wtf?! I was also not feeling too hot but i figued what the hell I'll go out anyways. So I'll admit it but keep it on the DL I'm officially a buyer of artifical ( fake sounds bad) Louis Vitton merchandise. I got a new purse and wallet. But the wallet I needed since Im getting my license in only a matter of days now.The purse was just for fun b/c I finally activated my Visa Card so i had money. But now that I'm spending my own money and not my rents it makes me sad to know how quickly I waste money. So latter that night I went to the movies with Jill and Danni. We saw "The Notebook" and we were such girls, crying our eyes out over this romance. I was literally bawling by the end of the movie. But the story was so "heart-warming." Good stuff though. Then on the way out we saw Kathy and Nicole...After I got home I watched the end of Somethings Gotta Give with my folks.
Sunday was awful I felt so rotten; I really shouldn't have gone out saturday night but I wasn't about to stay home. I basically stayed in bed all day with a bad headache and cold. Not fun. The day was semi boring I was also pissed becuase I needed to practice a song for my trombone lesson but my head was pounding.
Monday I wasn't feeling much better but I still went to work which, kind of pissed ma mere off considering I haven't exactly taken real advantage of the whole "rest and relaxation" of summer.It was a new session with new kids. Stacy, Ashley, and I were quite peeved that we were the only ones teaching for the most part. Puckily though the kids are alot better this session than last.
Today still sick and still working. God "kids say the darnest things" So this one kid Billy won't go under water and all he does is honestly moan. He barely talks he just moans and says stuff like "nuh uh" So finally get fed up with it and dunked him under water. I'm such a horrible person. But not to all the kids. Then we were playing a jumping game with the one group and telling them to call out their favorite colors and animals. So whenw e did the color round this one kid ethan didnt say anything then when we did the animal-round he screams out GREEN! It was funny as hell. After lessons I went home and ate lunch to return freshly showered and not smelling like chlorine. Of course while I was guarding this little boy goes and does a cannonball off the side right in front of me just for a laugh. HA HA. And thats about my day so far. I guess I'll c ya'll later. Peace XO Jenn
I leave you with a sexist song ( don't take it serious its just a funny Degrassi rap):
Jimmy: A homie is a playa and that is all, So why'd you have to go and kick his-
Spinner: -ball And Chain, ain't that you're name? Cause you a playa-hater and that's a shame
Jimmy: And chicks like you ain't worth too much So shut up girl
Both: And make my lunch!

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Date:2004-07-14 20:26
Mood: aggravated

Well going out to dinner last night really did me in. I was actually excersizing and toning up ( AKA gaining weight yet still some how having a flat stomach.) Well anyways that's completely gone. So I did alot of writing today and took out all ( MOST) of my aggravation out, about certian events, on paper. Anyways now my thoughts are,'fuck it this is my senior year and it's going to be kick ass no matter what! I am going to live it up!'
So now that i got all that out I would like to say three things 1. Congrats to all those people who got officer positions ( go get 'em tigers) 2. Seriously don't eat too much food at once you'll get sick 3. Cramps suck and actually make that 4 because I dwould really like to put the lyrics to one of my new favorite songs up:
( don't worry folks I will put up more incredibly great song lyrics!) XO Jenn

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Date:2004-07-12 18:07
Subject:"Shut up Miss Dunkin Dounuts 2003"
Mood: apathetic

The one day I feel sick at work I get in trouble. So I was left to teach my second class of 5 level ones by my lonesome when I started to feel sick. I was literally ready to pass out. So I wasn't exactl my peppy self teaching and at the end Holly called me over to tell me that a aprent complained that i wasn't correcting her child. First off I felt sick and second off its a level one class they are just learning how to not be afraid in the water there isn't anything to correct! Grr stupid parents. But otherwise I had a fantanstic day...I got to teach an extra class in which a little girl thought it would be funny to spit water in my face, I went to the dentist and had to swish that fun dental flouride plus they used bluerasberry crap stuff on my teeth that almost made me barf. Fun day.
Enough of that I'll talk about my weekend. Friday I stayed home and watched Degrassi with my dog. It was an ok episode I def liked Battle of the bands better. P.S. Zach read an article yesterday in Teen People that said Degrassi is one of the best kept secret shows on tv!
Then on Saturday we got an early start to Long Island for my cousin's graduation. It was an alright party. It was amazing to see all my baby cousins considering they are the first babies in my family in years. So i had fun playing with my 1 year old cousin Matt. He is like a little bolt of lightening. One minute he is there then the next minute he is running around the yard ...so cute. I also got to see my other cousins. It wasn't a bad party at all.
Then came Sunday which was an amazing day. We all met at zach's house at 8:30 before heading out to the beach. Jill, Nick and I thought we would stop at wawas which caused a bit of confusion but after that little mess everthing worked out. The car ride was fun; listening to Outcast and other random music. Then we got there and found a parking spot right before Tom's car which pissed them off but amused the hell out of us. It was such a ncie day for the beach but oh the jellies! There were so many jellyfish, it was insane. But they might have been a good thing b/c it was Jill's b-day and she didn't miss out much by sitting under the umbrella. We also got zach in the ocean which made him scream like a girl ahh fun. Then we stopped and got some lunch and "italian" ice. Aside from the jellies it was a greta day at the beach. Plus no burns! I'll admit certian things did piss me off but I wasn't going to let them ruin my day. Once we got back we dropped off Jill and Brette then headed out to Red Robin. My cheese burger was good and I was happy to eat something other than pure sugar ugh. Finally we wrapped up the day by watching Love Actually at Carly's. I'll admit though at the end when it was jsut Me, Tom, & Mike & Carly I was a bit tempted to leave. But I love that movie OMG it's classic Miss Dunkin Dounut's 2003. Well that's about it ! Peace XO Jenn

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Date:2004-07-05 04:05
Mood: okay

Let me give you all a brief synopsis of the past week and a half's events:
Last friday left for Jersey Shore, Watched Degrassi ( amazingly good episode "Make my Lunch..."), And decided that I am officially making myself a Hell Hath No Fury teeshirt (MUST HAVE IT) That's right watch out Jenn's going Punk! lol.
Saturday: Woke up, CVS run, went kyaking in the bay, then went to the beach for about 3 hours, got tan, got burned, more kyaking, flipped kyake, ate dinner, played ping pong, Hoffmann's, loud music, and of course the unforgettable corn pancakes.
Sunday ( AKA Fourth of July): Beach, Ahhh Jelly fish, crab attacks my foot ( ok ok it just pitched my toe but it still hurt), Ice cream, getting more burned, informed by an old icecream man that I was sun burned (no really?!), food, extra ping pong, dinner, extra icecream, extra fat, Fire works!
Monday: Going home, watched Finding Nemo, slept
Tuesday: Officer auditions for the band till 12ish, work, shower, sleep, and finsihed The Color Purple (which I found to be a bit enjoyable and a bit interesting...
Ok thats enough synopsis since Im back to a semi normal schedule I think I can type normally. So yesterday was a bit on the crazy side. As usual I started my day off with a morning dose of work. Fun sicne I hadn't been there for the past two days I got the crappy end of the stick and had to teach all the left overs AKA all the kids that can't swim. Good stuff then I had to each an extra private lesson. It was all fun and games literally I had no clue what to do with them after the first ten minutes so we played stupid games. ( Which I was informed today that the noodles I gave the kids gave them weird rashes... lovely. Luckily the noodles were blamed and not me.) Then i came home and started reading Great Expectations and I love Charles Dicken's Tale of Two Cities so I was happy to start another of Dicken's works. Then i had my first driving lesson which went splendidly. The driving instructor was really cool and even cursed someone off on Route 1. (AKA my kind of person) He said I was an excellent driver minus y one truck incident. Yeah trucks really freak me out and this one that was merging looked as if it was about to hit me. But other than that it was a good lesson. Hopefully sometime next week I'll get my license... je pense. Anywho I came home to hear my mm and dad laughing like manniacs ... figures my Aunt Maureen was on the phone. We are going to visit her this weekend up on Long Island. It's going to be a hoot. I love my Long Island cousins of course if my other cousins show I will bitch slap them (no joke). Anyways I gg eat but I shall finish with todays events later. XO Jenn

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Date:2004-06-26 22:45
Mood: bitchy

"Excuse me lifeguard but Jason said that Henry said that I said he stinks at swimming. But I told Jason to tell Henry that I never said that he stinks at swimming. Then Henry said that jason said that I was a liar. And I wanted to know if you could tell Henry to tell Jason that I really never said that and that I said Im sorry." Oh happy day! Isn't life a bowl of cherries...
( alright so this wasn't really an entry but I'm in a pissy mood so screw it!- Jenn

Well I saw you with your hands above your head,
Spinning around, trying not to look down,
But you did, and you fell,
On the ground

Then you stumbled around for a good ten minutes,
And I said I've never seen anyone look so dumb before
And you laughed and said
“I still know how to turn you on though”

And you're the only one who
Drags me kickin and screamin through fast dreams
And you're the only one who
Knows exactly what I need

And I probably forgot to tell you this
Like the time when I forgot to tell you about the scar,
Remember how uncomfortable that made you feel?
See you're not what I expected,
But you're the only one who knows how to handle me,
And you're such a great kisser,
And I know that you agree

And you're the only one who
Drags me kickin and screamin through fast dreams
And you're the only one who
Knows exactly what I need

I hope you can forgive me for that time
When I put my hand between your legs and said it was small,
Cause it's really not at all
I guess there's just a part of me that likes to bring you down
Just to keep you around,
Cause the day that you realize how amazing you are
You're gonna leave me!

And you're the only one who
Holds my hair back when I'm drunk and get sick
And you're the only one who
Knows exactly what I mean

And you're the only one who
Drags me kickin and screamin through fast dreams
And you're the only one who
Knows exactly what I need

Exactly what I need

Well I saw you with you hands above your head,
Spinning around, trying not to look down,
But you did, and you fell,
On the ground

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Date:2004-06-25 22:11
Subject:Pre-Relay for Life!
Mood: accomplished

Well I don't know if anyone knows this but Im not really a camper--in fact I think I have only used my sleeping bag a total of once and that was for a sleepover indoors. Yeah... I don't really sleep outside. So in order to prepare for Relay for Life I made up a check list:
Sleeping Bag, Yoga mat (just b/c), Toga etc., flip flops, sneakers, racerback tank, shorts, granola bars, H2O, hat, sunscreen, pillow, music, teeshirt( in case of coldness), and possible poncho. ( speeching on ponchos there is this really cute poncho-ish type sweater thingy in Hollister that I MUST HAVE)

But back to Relay I'm really excited about it I plan to walk alot because not only am I raising money but I am also excersizing. I didn't realize it but I have been working out alot with teaching swim lessons and guarding. I literally get a full aerobic workout for 3-6 hours each day ( ::yawn:: tiring) But not only is Relay gunna be a work ou but its basically a 24 hour party.

So I think i experienced the most disgusting thing ever today, I went to Walmart with my dad and this woman goes to the register with a shopping cart and says that someone left a diaper in it fulled with shit. That is the most disgusting thing ever. Not only will I no longer but shopping at Walmart but I think that occurance almost made me vomit. People are sick.

I'll go now. Peace. XO Jenn

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Date:2004-06-22 19:28
Mood:Bored out of my Mind

Well so far this week has been a boat load of fun...not. So bored, so extremely bored. Work = no fun if conditions do not improve I think I may quit/ try to find another job at an outdoor pool. I laughed at Sesame people but good I wish i was them, surrounded by people all day while working on getting good tans. So today was a camp day or so we all thought. After lessons we had an hour to kill so I went to Wawa with Ashley and Cara. It was fun we saw the Hebrew Acedemy bus parked in the parking lot. But a bit disappointing the entertianing Jewish camp will no longer be attending free swim. So what if they are annoying little brats, I must admit they leave me with some entertaining stories. I really do miss working at the other pool, we had so much fun entertaining ourselves. Ahh the good ole days when the campers used to think I was a teenage mother and kevin was my son and eating a whole box of doughnuts. Anyways when we got back we still have about an hour to kil ( not that i minded besides I was getting paid fr those 2 hours of doing jackshit). Finally after about an hour of waiting for the camp to arrive Holly called to make sure they were coming. Of course the camp was like " Oh no we aren't coming this week!" Thanks for letting us know! But I did get out an hour early and was still getting paid while I was sitting at home so I couldn't complain. As much fun as it is to get $ for doing nothing, I really do enjoy guarding. Which brings me to my conclusion: need to look for possible job offers. Either that or vacation at the beach for a week or two.

Considering everyone is working right now I'm really hoping my rents will go on a trip. My mo is talking of going to Cape May for a week or so which would be tres fun. I think I might even hang out by myself while we are there, get away from the rents if ya know what I mean. Of course is we don't go there we will always just rent a spot along LBI or Point Pleasant/ Spring Lake or something.

Argh I'm bored out of my mind I think I'll go now! Peace XO Jenn

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Date:2004-06-19 23:52
Mood: amused

Score Plus 2! This summer vacay so far has been quite awesome in the extreme. So Thursday stupid graduation b/c of the "rain." But Jill's frou was still on. It was exciting becuase we haven't had a frou in a while and Judith has never been to one of the famous frous. So we ended up watching Jill's bootleg copy of mean girl's which was in pretty good shape i.e. had no people walking in front of the camera. The next day since we didn't have to be at the school till 3 I slept in and did nothing (it was wonderful).

Graduation: So I got there @ 3, three freakin' hours before graduation actual began thanks to G-Man. I chatted it up a bit with people and got some nice comments on my tan. Of course we then we sent down to the stadium where we had to set up. Of course I had o such part in that that's what underclassmen are for. We hinted at the excitment of the nights events but basically talked about how happy we were that school was out. Graduation was awful we played Pomp and Circumstance for what seemed like hours. Then we had to listen to every name of the senior class called out. Then we listened to some pretty lame speeches some of which had nothing to do with graduation. It was sad. In the end we were happy that is was over.

Party: I hitched a ride from OJ so we tried to make a quick exit to beat the traffic but we had no luck. G-Man locked the band doors so we had to wait forever for the stupid keys. When we finally left we managed to get out just in time to sit in traffic for another hour.Went home made a quick change of clothes then we were on our way. We stopped at Wawa to pick up some soda then we were off. We got there with about a half hour to spare. So I made a jump in the pool and realized my tan was coming off in the water. Luckily it got better as the night wore on. As soon as Ana got the door we all hid under the deck and jumped out to yell surprise as judith walked outside. She was so excited as were we. It was quite a good night. Most of us spent the night in the hottub, ::Cough:: 23 people that is.l It was funny we were all basically on top of eachother but still having the time of our lives. We also played chicken in the pool for a bit which was muy fun. I so won, I got to partner up with Mike, Bruno, & Josh. I was tres excited about partnering with a certain one of the three. Overall the night was a blast.

Saturday: We got to my cousin's graduation at about 2. Him and his sister were being bastards and completely ignored the fact that I was there. I made this known to my dad who of course took it upon himslef to make it the most embrassing moment of my life. He yells across the yard to my cousin " Hey Garrett Jenn wants you to introduce her to some of your hot friends." OMG it was humilating. I was so embrassed I was somewhere between crying and laughing. Everyone heard it but luckily my cousin is a douche bag and didn't pick up on it. Then I lucked out again b/c my couins from Long Island arrived so I hung out with them. They are some funny people. I ended up playing baseball with my cousin Doug and my lil cousin Dan for a while. Of course there I was in a tubetop and mini skirt trying to run around for the stupid ball. Good stuff, they made fun of me but, is was great. Then I played some volleyball with some of my other cousins. Of course I warned them Mike and Aidan that i have a tendancy to get distracted and get hit in the head. ( I proved that thoery to be right lol.) But I discovered how much they are like me everytime we scored they would yell point us but never give the othe rteam any points. Once my cousins Garrett and Catlian's friends left they dicided to try ot join in ( they ruined the game so we all walked away. I think the best part of the night though was when my cousin Dan poured water all over Catlain b/c she kept calling him a baby. She had this butt stain on her pants as she rn away it was classic. HAHA.

Finally I convinced my parents to leave so I got home in enough time to go to Judith's. It was fun we just hung out and talked. I got to catch up with some people I haven't talked to/ seen in a while such as Britt. We ended up staying till around 11:30 before we left. I got a ride home from Carly which was fun we blasted Outcast all the way home. She also informed me of her sister's friend's thoery that "Hey Ya" will bring about world peace. Interesting... anyways I got to go! Peace!XO, Jenn

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Date:2004-06-17 13:48
Mood: anxious

OH PRAISE THE LORD! It's finally over this year of horrible grades, horrible tests, and horrible people is finally over. This summer isn't looking so hot either but I'm gunna turn that around. This summer is going to be the summer of change I'm going to do a complete 180 on some levels. Such as work and trombone. Work especially b/c right now I'm a complete and utter outcast ( well not totally but still) which is becuase unlike my personality around my friends I am very shy and quiet... we'll change that. But the best part of shcool being out is no more school. This reminds me of a great song a learned in elementary shcool that goes a little something like, " No more teachers, no more books, no more (something)'s dirty looks!" Though I really can't say this school year was a complete waste of time I not only made some new chums but also got to go to Arizona with my best buds rent free. Although I may have managed to make it through yet another shcool year boyfriend-less life goes on.

Now things to look forward to cousin's grad, frou, Judith's party (but ::tear::), Relay for Life, Lifeguarding at the camps, and living it up. I hope everyone had an awesome year becuase remember next year it's grad class of 2005! & to all my senior pals of 2004 good luck and KIT! 

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Date:2004-06-12 21:59
Mood: tired

ACT time limits are crazy 35 minutes to read a million different charts and graphs and articles is far from enough time to comprehend everything then answer 45 questions. ARGH! Stupid tests! So I had to wake up extra early to go take the ACTs over in Jersey. I was basically the first person there so I ended up making some idle chat with this guy who goes to the Peddie School. Fun stuff. The test wasn't bad aside from the stupid time limits. Anyways I think something seriously needs to happen tonight b/c Im bored out of my mind and will in no way be able to sit still and focus and studying for my finals. I'm thinking i might go to Starbucks tomorrow to study for chem. anyone interested in a group study? Call me! Anyways I'm bored so here:

1. What is your favorite flavor popsicle? Strawberry or rapsberry
2. When you were younger did you think you'd live this long? When i was younger I was happy if I woke up the next morning , I never remember really concentrating on death. I used to think you had to be very old and lose your hearing to die. Becuase my great uncle was going deft when he past away and me and my cousin used to have to yell at the top of our lungs to get his attention.

3. Do you prefer the quiet, or do you crave noise? Depends what time of day it is and my mood.

4. Do you like or despise babies? Love babies! I have absolutely no little cousins right now that live close by. Being an only child makes me want a big family when I get older.

5. How much longer, given the current state of things, do you think the planet will exist? After I'm old and shriveled up like a bad bannana.

6. Elvis or Beatles? Beatles they make me happy Elvis's voice just annoys the hell out of me.

7. Ever feel lonely even though lots of people were around? yes especially when I go to a place where I know no one.

8. What is your general opinion about religion? i think people have the right to believe in whatever they want.

9. Ever wish you were a little kid knowing everything you know now? I know too much shit that isn't nessisary so no thanks, I would rather live be young and enjoy life in the moment.

10. Ever have a near-death experience? um I got my apendix out but I wouldn't say i was near death.
11. Have you ever been in a social setting and just wanted to go off and start destroying things (like lamps, tables, etc.) and then of course not do so? No destroy things just knock them over and go on a screaming rampage.

12. Who was your first crush? mike chapman in preschool<~~~ I had a crush on him 2! anyways I think I know I had like a boyfriend when I was living in Florida he had a mullet but I don't remember his name. The fathest back i can rememeber was David Mursky in 2nd grade... I put him in a head lock.

13. Do you consider yourself passive or aggressive? Depends on the situation but usually I'm some where in the middle. I don't really give in to an opposing view but I wouldn't say i fight about things either I try to reach compromises most of the time.

14. Do you ever totally not listen to people, but are somehow able to repeat back to them what they just said? Basically I zone out everyday, today i was talking to danielle and started starring at this bug and totally forgot what was going on yet knew what our conversation was about.

15. Ever seen fairies or pixies? 1 word whatthef*ck.
16. Do you cry a lot? no...

17. What was grade school like for you? Apprently I was mean to carly and ditched her then i was friends with the twins,Jamie, jackie, the Kellys etc. We had some good times. Then in 5th grade this kid Spencer asked me out in front of all the little 2nd graders I was a safety for and they started singing that "sitting in a tree song" (I didn't go out with him though) I also did a song & dance for the DARE program good stuff. ( & I had a breakthrough role in Alice in Wonderland as the wheelbarrel)

18. How are you right now, emotionally? Stressed out and going crazy, hopefully though I'll be alright when school let's out but I doubt it.
Questions about "the sex"

19. Do you like sex, or does it freak you out a little? I can't really say but I'm def. not scared of it.

20. Ever smoke during sex? a. I don't smoke, and b I've heard of smoking after sex but during how does that work? It's kinda like giving road head... not a good idea what if the cigerette falls out of your mouth and you end up burning yourself or starting a fire.

21. Have you ever had "a paid escort" for the evening? no but my pimp does come around ever once in a full moon

22. Whips and chains or lace and softness? kinky... lace but not softness

23. Ever meet someone you had sex with and not recognize them for a second? nope

24. Is a lot of sweat a turn on or a turn off for you? urn off who would be turned on by perspiration? I mean I think like if you are working out in a pool that's different.

What is the right thing?

25. Is lying a lot in everyday conversation acceptable to you? It depends on the type of lie if you are lying in order to protect some1 else's secret or if you lie to get your ass out of doing something alright but I think it all comes down to te siuation you are in.

26. You are eating somewhere with your friends, all of a sudden this guy starts beating his spouse right in front of you! Your first thought is: I would freak out and probably get on y cell and call the cops. it's the kinda situation though it would freak me out I would probably remain clam in order to do something.
27. You’re driving home and no one is with you and your soda can is empty. Are you gonna toss it out the window? Well it depends if there is an empty cup holder if so then whats the point but if it's going to just be rolling aorund on the floor annoying me I might... if no1 is watching.

28. One of those door-to-door preachers knocks. Do you say anything to him or hope he'll leave? That happened to me once and I saw them and did this giant jump in the air and crawled across the floor behind a wall so they wouldn't see me. I waited until they left to come back out. They are scary.

29. Do you believe in spanking kids? No which reminds me did you know if NJ and PA spanking is still allowed in schools. i think that is crazy and should be prohibited.

30. Your buddy is out of town and their significant other calls and invites you over. It depends if we are good friends or know eachother well I don't see the problem but if it was like a bootycalll then i would be against it b/c they are my friend's boyfriend.

Blegh I'm tired ACT then grad. party now Bridget Jone's Diary peace! XO Jenn

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Date:2004-06-11 20:44

Bonjour! So today was a real lazy day...just the way I like it! I got to sleep in due to the senior breakfast. I only slept for about an extra hour then I met up with random people for breakfast at Steaks & Things. I ate like a pig which I really shouldn't do considering I have to wear a bikini in a week for a pool party. I like the senior high so much better than last year, instead of this feeling of anxiety the last few days have been totally relaxed. Allahand even did chem experiments that involved ice cream. The Musical is finally over and aside from the elementary shcools my part went pretty well. Today we watched the video christy's dad made. I was a bit pissed that my character name was not in the character list but instead marked Juror #1. I like to think I had a bigger part than that. My hair also seriously annoyed me in the movie becuase the himidity got the best of it and was all over the place. God I sound so shallow, moving on since I wasn't in math wednesday my teacher decided to announce that our openended part of the final was yesterday. Of course I entered the room totally unprepared, needless to say it was a complete mess. Hopefully I can make up for it on the rest of the final. math was spent looking at my grade and adding in the missing extra credit Profy had forgotten. I think I may be able to pull of an A- still. *Hoping* Gym was fun I really enjoy tennis, Jill, Jess, Judith, Josh (ha all Js), Ana, and I had a lively game. I think we should make it a tradition to play tennis once a weekn this summer. It's tres fun! Well Other than taking the ACTs tomorrow morning I'm looking forward to other suches. Hopefully it's a good weekend! peace XO Jenn

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Date:2004-05-30 23:30

HP3 = AMAZING! I really thought it was alot better than the first two movies. All those critics are full of shit saying it was a much darker movie if anything it was more humorous. And is it just me or did Draco Malfoy look good? I thought the whole Ron-Hermoine relationship was quite classic. I loved every minute of that movie! If you haven't seen it yet GO SEE IT! Though I think I got a little over excited about the movie because I almost lost my cellphone in the theater when we left.

After I got home I tuned in to the new season of Degrassi; I must say though the episode they choose to premiere with was a bit disappointing. I was all excited to see some Craig action and what did I get a stupid episode about Emma. I really don't like Emma she is way too high strung. My advice to Chris find a better girl you are way too oodlooking and sweet to hang around with her. On a side note, I have heard rumors that Jake Epstein will be one of the peole from Degrassi picked to star on Boys Vs. Girls! Anyways thats all for now. I have to go shop for senior gifts today and heaven knwos what I will get these people. Lots of Love, Jenn

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Date:2004-05-30 18:14
Mood: relaxed

ahh don't parades make you feel all warm and fuzzy...no! Well if you haven't figured out yet I had to march in the memorial day parade. Ugh In reality all it made me feel was sick. But at least i wasn't one of those pathetic people that just HAD to sit down b/c they were going to faint. ( They don't even know what passing out feels like, it's not fun.) Needless to say unless I was blacked out laying on the ground there was no way in hell I was going to piss Morris off by sitting down. And on a side note : it's called water poeple, drink it!
So aside from that fun stu7ff my weekend has been fairly boring. Friday nihgt I went to Red Robin with OJ Carly and Ana. We had some fun talks then when back to Carly's to watch one of the bestest movies ever, SHREK! It was Ana's first time watching it but even though the rest of us had seen it other times it was still hilarious. I think it's the kinda movie thta gets better every time you watch it. Since I really have nothing else to write about here's a countdown list: 5 days till HP 3 comes out, 5 days till brand new season of Degrassi starts, 25 total days till school ends, and 18 actual days of class left! Anyways something needs to happen to night becuase I'm a bit bored. XO Jenn!

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Date:2004-05-22 17:10
Mood: sick

Never again will I ever eat another Krispy kreme Doughnut...ugh note to self never go on a late night food run just because you have a craving. I was so sick last night it was crazy. I swear I almost passed out I was so sick. Anyways to top off that loveliness my dad made me go to work this morning. When I got there I was highly considering just leaving but they were short on staff so i had to stay. Working when you feel like sh*t is not fun at all. Then this one girl was really bugging the hell out of me with stupid random comments like ," excuse me lady... my grandma used to swim." OK that's nice do I care? Blah it was semi fun though becuase I showed my one class how to do a dive and they all started clapping and hooting. lol. little kids can be so cute. Just like this level one girl who started calling Lucas Mrs. Claus...semi random but i confirmed her belief so now the whole class calls him Mrs. Claus.

Anyways rewinding to last night, I was really feeling sick before we had to perform but every one thought i was just nervous. Well I might have been a little bit but I think it was my stomach virus that was about to hit me.
I actually didn't sound half bad, in fact I half raped my improv. solo. The rest of our songs sounded good and we were all congratulated on an outstanding performance. Meh...I went and sat with Ana, Tom, Judith, Mike, Olivia, and Josh. We had fun ( I don't get why Jill wouldn't sit with us.) Some of the gag awards they gave out where funny but aside from that it was way too long. We ended up leaving about 1 or 2 songs from the end. We headed out to Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts I had been craving. I was really hyper and that point so it was pretty. Judith whipped out some of her pictures from the prom and from various locations with her foreign exchange friends. Brette was working so she came over to join us for a bit. All and all it was a fun night. Anyways I think I'm going to go read some HP 3 and take a nap. XO Jenn!
( On a music Theory side note zach needs to realize that our musical is not Zach 2005 and stop trying to run everything, I am a person too and have feelings. Just because I don't want to act like some sort of Diva doesn't mean i don't want to be a part of the musical.)

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Date:2004-05-12 20:26

PS I stole this from Ana

element?: fire that's right i think b/c my birthsign is Aries....
town?: mind numbingly boring yardley <~~~ agreed
symbol?: wtf...well if I could have a symbol I would be like the artist formally known as Prince and just point to some weird symbol
phone number?: um yeah do I know you..............                             wall color in your room?: green
ceiling color in your room?: white
fave saying?: hmm  I really like saying PS lately
screen name?: I'm not telling....

whos ur crush?: hmm I really hated that movie Blue Crush it was a piece of shit-o-la anyways...
do they know u like them?: nah, no one can ever figure out who I like
do they like u?: look above
do u have a bf/gf?: let's not get into that right now<~~~agreed

had sex?: ....
done drugs?: I have a tendancy to get addicted to Tums but i don't really think they count.
gotten drunk?: no comment....
spoken random gibberish?: udqgpqrypqirupqr
gone to disney?: yes I have been there 7 times... I lived in Florida
eaten sushi?: actually no but i love Tai food
used chopsticks?: yes but no...I suck at eating with them, but my old friend used to be abel to eat soup with them.
made out w/ someone u just met?: no
made out w/ someone that ur not dating?: no 
cheated on someone?: nope
been cheated on?: no
had a bf/gf?: no god is my love life sad or what?
slept over a friends house?: wtf?! no I don't leave me house...? FROU!
had a sleepover at ur house?: Oui
lost touch w/ a good friend?: the story of my life I never talk to any of my old close friends ever anymore
made a big deal out of a little thing?: me and Kelly C got into a huge fight when we were little becuase she compared my doggie's death to flushing her goldfish down the toilet. grrr.
bought those little relaxation balls that u roll around in ur hands?: no but I laways wanted those squishy worm things with the gel inside that you squeeze
gone paintballing?: ouch
gone minigolfing?: that remidns me of when I went minigolfing with Jill rob and zach at the ebach and Jill's ball when down the stream. But I swear Zach cheated.
been to europe?: no I will go to England though.
been to asia?: nah
been to africa?: not reallly
been to antarctica?: coldness
been anywhere even mildly interesting?: Bahamas and Canada    totally spilled ur guts to a friend?: I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut...but Im working on it.
kept everything inside till u want to kill urself?: I almost get to that point alot but then I usually just have a nervous break down
lit candles?: Who wrote this messed up test? Um yeah I'm amish...
lit incense?: yes I light it everytime after a smoke ( again sarcasm)
tried to be friends with an ex?: no
owned a big model of a dragon?:um no freak...                             told ppl what they will get when u die?: how morbid
taken random pictures of people?: ha when I was in 7th grade and we went to Hershey Park for a field trip we went around taking random shots of guys we met and some guy's ass.
Owned a starcastle?: who doesn't?
slept with a stuffed animal?: yes and proud of it.
made out for more than 30 minutes?: no comment...
watched monty python and the holy grail?: i really don't think its funny
been glad that a movie had no plot cuz u had sum serious add goin?: OMG I seriously have bad ADD I find my self starting at a piece of paper for like half an hour.
piss off a teacher with an inside joke that he/she said and u laughed at?:sorta in 7th grade with my history teacher i almost got sent to the office b/c he thought my sneeze/yawn was mocking him
Beth:: Betsy!
Bob:: Billy Bob
Billy:: again Billy Bob
Caitlin:: Ma cousine
Olivia:: OJ
Catherine:: Zita Jones <~~~agreed
William:: gorgey british bloke
Elijah:: wood
Orlando:: bloomy
Jon/Jonathan:: john john
Alanna:: annoying person
Ronan:: Riane
Maria:: the o.c.
Larry:: Steve Urkel style pants
Victoria:: British women with bad teeth
Christina:: Maimi
Rebecca:: ?
Joshua:: turner & his bling blingin' diamond encrusted boxers<~~~ too funny so I'll leave
Wilson:: Oh Mr Wilson!
Jeff/Jeffrey:: the other way to spell my little cousin's name like the Toys 'R' Us giraffe
Jerry:: ben & Jerry's ...I'm hungary
Tony::  Sopranno
Annie:: red headed orphan
Meg/Megan:: Ryan
Cecelia:: ?
Eunice:: Tunic
Alex:: Truelove
Lexi:: Yuck!
Caroline:: OutKast song
Maura:: Neighbor
Zoe:: this girl in my elementary school who shallowed a penny...fool
Natalie:: the o.c. that girl who didn't actually exist
James:: Prince William's brother
Ben/Benjamin:: franklin
Joy:: to the world
Rachel:: Friends
Liliana:: a flamenco dancer
Elaine:: a Fraiser/ Cheers character... it sounds like one
Elizabeth:: my "other" middle name
Nancy:: my tante

reading?: good when you have a interesting book
writing?: equally amazing
sex?: a learned skill <--- agreed
virginity?: ok if your into that
coffee?: is goood
cereal?: is a good afternoon treat
couscous?: oddly intriguing
sushi?: equally intriguing
tempura?: yeah...
teriyaki?: yuck.
anime?: KILL THEM ALL<~~~agreed!
other cartoons?: daria is a must
sitcoms?: Must See TV plus other good ones
soap operas?: the o.c., and Degrassi = muy fab
lotion?: yummy
scented stuff?: only if its nice
school?: should fall through a crack in the earth's surface and burn in the fiery pits of hell for all of eternity<~~~ agreed
college?: BU is amazing but so is anywhere in washington
men?: so much better than women( no drama just real) and yum
women?: all we do is bicker and gossip we can be evil
electricity?: couldn't live without it
indoor plumbing?: excelente
drugs?: w/e
alcohol?: ahem..no comment<~~~ agreed
cigarettes?: not good =cancer
fur coats?: so comfy
dolls?: American girl dolls
christmas?: warm toasty and full of gifts and of course fun 
thanksgiving?: I lvoe my mom's stuffy it is the best thing you could ever taste.
valentines day?: overrated but an excuse to wear red
piggy banks?: remind my of RugRats

god?: I believe in a higher being that looks out for us so I guess yes.
satan?: if there is a God than there has to be a Satan or some evil force.
fairies?: no
unicorns?: no
leprachauns?: no but wouldn't that be fun.!
irish luck?: I'm irish and i'm out of luck so no. The Irish aren't very lucky with our Potatoe famines and harsh conditions when we moved to the US.
polish luck?: lol Let's think about how lucky the Polish have been in history...hahahaha!
scottish luck?:
luck?: yes
the afterlife?: It's all hard to say until you actually deal with it first hand.
the afterdeath?: huh?
religion?: I'm lost about my relgious beliefs right now all I know is there is a God etc. but other than that it's a blurred.
nature?: What do we live on a planet covered in nature!
evolution?: Yes.
survival of the fittest?: It's all Darwin to me.
adam and eve?: ehh The whole Garden of Eden is more of a moral type story than an actual place that existed
the big bang?: ehh
dragons?: wtf?<~~agreed
alarm clocks?: they are alwasy a part of my dreams so they don't do anything for me
inuyasha?: what?
bigfoot?: I believe in big feet but not bigfoot
yourself?: actually when you think about it is the whole world an allusion?
ur friends?: in true friends but again read above.
ur enemies?: i guess.
ur teachers?: very few only the ones who have made a lasting impression on me angels?: confused
angles?: NO they must die!
wings?: well considering birds DO have wings...
that dreams come true?: most of the time no at least they don't for me.
goals?: they can be reached if you have the right people routing you on.
terrence and phillip?: eh...
shutting up?: no comment...

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Date:2004-05-12 20:04
Subject:I can finally breath!
Mood: amused

I finally feel like a weigh has been lifted off my shoulders! It's been quite some time since i last wrote in this journal. So let me update you: SATs over, APs over, college searches in progress... So last week was the most stressful week of my existance. The English AP was alright just exhausting. Then Friday I slept in so I would be more awake for my Euro AP that afternoon. The Multiply choice was brutal (for me anyways) I just couldn't concentrate. Luckily though I made up for my most likely horrible MC score when we got to the DBQ and FRQs. The DBQ was one of the easiest DBQs ever so of course I raped it.Then the first set of FRQs was a difficult choice heaven knows why I picked to talk about the Russian Rev ( which I know nothing about) but I did. the Second one was a piece of cake I whipped it. But after almost 4 hours sitting in that Spanish room I was dead. Needless to say I cancelled my trombone lesson for the night and basically slept. The weekend was entertaining with a trip to Boston. As a nnoying as it can be to travel with my parents I managed to have an awesome time. BU rocks my socks! We had some laughs like when we went to Tufts and my mom had a breakdown becuase to was raining and no one was around. She was just like OMG I'm cold! My hair! Then this old women with an oxygen tank in the ghettos around Northeastern started knocking on our car window asking for money because it was mother's day. AHHH! I swear we thought she was about to launch that tank right through the window. But basically BU was amazing. I love it I want to have it's babies! The tour guild was really nice and just amde the whole atmosphere and semster at Oxford/ Parliament internship sound like my dreams realized. It was a good week. And the best part is no more APs!( screw spell check) XO Jenn

PS Wonderland is a shaloow piece of shit ...yet I'm almost finished reading it...

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Date:2004-05-02 18:34

I love random nights! So Carly picked me up @ around 6:30ish and from there we drove to pick up Ana. Then we had to go pick up Judith and her Brazilian friend Bruno and that was a bit of an adventure. We passed her house like 3 times before we finally found it but pulled into the wrong drive way ( It was Lex Morris's driveway! AHHH!) Then i think we scared Bruno a bit ( And whe i say we I mean me and Ana) B/c we turned up Outcast and started dancing in the car. We got to the theater a bit late so we had to stand in a long line. Then when we finally got up to buy the tickets, Spotless Mind was sold out. Then we got out of line and tried to decide on another movie for about a half hour. We finally decided on Mean girls which made my day and Tom's too according to Ana when she told him on the phone ( lol he went to the wrong theater.) Since we had some time to kill we went to the food court for a bit.

The movie was amazing OMG the "Sexually overactive band geeks" table part made my day. it was just a movie that took almost no thought and it was a very feel good movie. I give it two thumbs up! Even Carly liked it and she wasn't too keen on the idea of seeing it. After the movie we walked over to this carnival that at a distance looked good natured enough. but up close it was definitely very white trashy. Most of the people there had some form of a mullet on their heads, the rides were a bit on the dirty side, and some prizes consisted of weird statues of saints and such. We were still amused though so we went on the swings. Of course it was a bit on the uncleanly side with that weird swing conductor. After that we walked back to our cars and went home. Fun night! Good stuff!

Today I basically spent studing for English (AKA reading over crap.) I really need to " buckle down" and study some Euro but I just can't seem to concentrate on it. oh well I'll start tomorrow! XO Jenn

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Date:2004-05-01 16:45
Subject:Cold as a father...
Mood: drained

Fun day. So I woke up this morning around 6:30 ish and semi fixed my hair. Then I went downstairs to the kitchen where my parents basically forced food down my throat. I swear all this protein crap is nonsense, when it's SAT day the last thing I want to do is eat. But of course my mo made me eat an egg. Then I got to SATs to discover not only were alot more of my bon amis were taking the test but also that there were alot of other people from different various schools. When I got to the room i realized I was sitting next to next Chuck M. which was somewhat fun until they took his test away from him saying he wasn't following the rules. Actually that was kinda funny. The next of my room was filled with people from basically Neshaminy and Notre Dame etc. On eperson there happened to be someone who hates me for no reason and called me a "freak." Fun stuff; I ignored him. Afetr a mindnumbing 3+ hours of that I met up with Ana, Josh, & Judith. We ended up going to B. B. King to find none other than Mike and Sam. We sat around for about a half hour chatting before we went our seperate ways, Josh and mine to AP Euro Review for 4 hours. Another 4 hours of fun. It was actually nice to hang out with some of the old people. My groups had fun not knowing anything then poking fun at the handouts. And now here I am. I think I'm going to the movies but like usual plans will probably fall through. XO Jenn

Ana: It's hot as a mother out here                                                   Me: Well it's cold as a father in there.


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Date:2004-04-30 17:37
Subject:It's a friday night do you know where your kids are... Well I'm home grrr.
Mood: annoyed

Today was fairly good. Up until my mother informed me that I was not leaving the house tonight due to SATs tomorrow. So I can't to see the Neshaminy Jazz Festival with Jill and OJ. grrr I really want to go! Why couldn't it be on a saturday? Oh well. Sytupid SATs.

So I'm stuck home with nothing to do and there isn't even any new Degrassi on to add a little flavor to this night. Blah. I don't see what difference staying home tonight is going to make, it's not like I am going to get to sleep any sooner than on any other saturday night. Maybe if it's nice out tongiht I'll chill out on my roof that would be fun. If anyone wants to come kidnap me from my boredom you know where to find me. And holy mother of pearl could tomorrow get any more exciting? A full day of SATs/ AP Euro review. fun fun. I am so going out tomorrow night!

Now to discuss my day aperiod was filled with fun cramps ( not that any of you needed to know that.) B period: I worked things out with Zach so that was good. Then I had a lesson with Grothman which went surprisingly well he complimented me and told me on Praise to the Lord I better get those second trombones in line. Fun stuff. The rest of the period I spent coloring invitations for the musical; it was like a dose of kindergarten all over again.C period was spent working on a chem lab which took most of the period. And finally in d period we reviewed for our test next monday (another fun day, Lang & Comp AP test followed by an Allahand test & a Profy test.) Can you smell the excitement in the air?

Well that's about it I should probably get back to all the stuff I'm doing tonight... whatever that is. ARGH I hate SATs! They ruin everything! XO Jenn

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